Alphabet Club

A universe that spreads across three spaces, a platform for expression, creation and liberation, protecting those present in it from social hierarchies found in the outside world. The Alphabet focuses on creating a platform for local artists, in belief that allocating resources for the development of people around us leads to endless creativity and desire, enabling constant growth in a symbiotic manner. At 2017 "Letters" booking agency was established. Representing local DJs, the agency aspires to be the professional home and the beating heart of the Tel Aviv’s electronic scene.

Α Alpha 

The Alpha is a space that combines industrial elements with embracing energies. The high ceilings, white ceramic tiles and the color red that sets the main tone in the room - all are elements that create an open space, allowing a liberating clubbing experience, free of judgement.

Γ Gamma

The wooden floors and wood-covered walls set the main tone in the room, combining the atmosphere of an officers’ clubs during the Vietnam War and sailing inside the heart of an old ship. 

Φ Phi

Community garden. Although it was initially opened due to the need of an additional space for clubbers, it quickly turned into a place that works every day of the week during the day and until late at night.