VLVT it’s a combination between retro & future. We’re keeping it happy & young with the freshest DJ’S in TEL-AVIV. The line started as an underground Tech-House parties by 3 young DJ’S (BARMAXWOL, RON KOTSER & ABA KARISH)and Now it’s time to the next generation. Proud to present our debut ‘VLVT’ party with the ALPHABET-club. For the new party, we produced a photoshoot, referenced by the fashion industry. by presenting real people in our art we are willing to achieve a humanist & welcoming event.

Dan yosefi- photoshoot
Ori cohen aba karish- producing
Tslil kotser- producer and pr
Tal alon- makeup
Models- sany lerner, periel, bugle eden, ben mucznik, noa kolka, avigail cimmering, tslil kotser, noa shubitz, helen tasama, ory cohen

One of Our main goals is to bring a full new music experience to our crowd.  Starting from DISCO at sunset till hard TECHNO by sunrise.

BEN BOSWELL, will open the event by taking us to the world of DISCO, on vinyl set for a groovy afternoon in the Phi Garden. Up next, BARMAXWOL, With an eclectic selection of house and pop, his will be focused on fun & joy, as the sun sets. 

SHAMOTA- A resident off “KOKSCHOK”. With its extravaganza music & style will electrify U in the ALPHABET room. Right after, ABA KARISH & KANDY K. are kicking the room, using hardcore, rhythmic techno.

As the ALPHABET room will get dark, the Gamma will be all devoted to House music. RON KOTSER will light up the dancefloor, by using a combination of tech house & electro for a funky set. 

OMRI EVEN ZIV, a member of ‘Rabbits in the sand’, with a fusion of Chicago house and disco will make you dance until sunrise